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About Us

We help you answer why basic first aid knowledge is essential.

  • How can I save lives through basic life support and first aid?
  • What is the success rate of CPR?
  • Which first aid course should I take?

We help you discover your passion.

  • What is our legacy?
  • What are our core values?
  • What is our healthcare training for?

Why choose us?

  • Our courses are extremely practical.
  • The course content will be adapted to your needs.
  • We help you to feel confident and competent.
  • Our trainers are qualified Nurses or Emergency Services Professionals.


Our mission is to teach the highest standard of CPR/AED training to every individual, community, business, and healthcare provider. We are committed to providing the knowledge and skills necessary to perform CPR and First Aid to assist in saving lives as well as preventing injury or illness.

Productive CPR Training provides healthcare training in North Las Vegas, Nevada, and surrounding areas. We cater affordable healthcare training courses to individuals who wish to acquire relevant certifications in basic life support, first-aid training, and more. With our team of experienced mentors, we guide each student through the entire course.

With our training courses, we aim to address the inadequacy of healthcare professionals and the demand for health services. We do this by practicing teamwork, compassion, and willingness. We also teach our students the value of passion and readiness to work effectively, efficiently, and productively.

We believe that the ability to provide healthcare services is not an innate talent but a skill. That is why we provide various learning courses for students to learn and receive appropriate training.

Individuals seeking entry-level skills to begin a career in the healthcare industry can benefit greatly from us. We help each student acquire the knowledge and skills needed to function safely in a care setting.

Our Service Areas

We service all of the Las Vegas Valley areas such as Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Boulder City, Pahrump (with 10 or more people at a time)

Our Core Values

We instill in our students compassion, empathy, integrity, and care to make effective, reliable, and responsible persons. We also believe that competence is paramount to the delivery of quality care to patients. We prepare students for their future responsibilities and functions as healthcare professionals, respecting the rights, values, and dignity of their patients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the leader in the communities we serve by providing innovative and quality training for successful career and technical training.

Meet the Owners

KUULEILANI BALBUENA has over 17 years in the healthcare field. She is the Administrator for a well-known Home Care Agency in the Las Vegas Valley that services the elderly and disabled. Kuuleilani has extensive experience working with persons with intellectual disabilities. She takes pride in servicing the community. Kuuleilani is currently pursuing her Certified Nursing Assistance license.